Geir "Milkman" Bertheussen

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Geir "Milkman" Bertheussen

Harp player, songwriter, bandleader and singer Geir Bertheussen, well known as ”Milkman” was born in 1966 on the Southside of the island Senja, North-Norway.

GB picked up the blues harmonica as a young kid, only 13 years of age. GB is an outstanding harp player and a singer with Soul! His technique on Blues harmonica is awesome, and his way of playing is hard hitting down- to-earth Chicago blues style like his mastersound influences.

Chicago legends as James Cotton, Junior Wells, Sony Boy, Charlie Musselwhite and William Clark inspired him when he was young and started listening to the Blues.These legends learned him how to make the Cross and Cromatic harps to sound great with his own style.

In the late 80`s GB started touring with his own band, and he did well. Soon he and his band named GB Blues Band started heavily touring in the northern parts of Norway. As years went by there has been som member changes and various band constellations. Just recently the band has released yet another album called "Southside" out of total six album recordings.

Since the 90`GB has used GB Blues Express as his permanent band name and is now successfully touring all over the world with his great showmanship on stage with his “Mississippi saxophone” and big voice.



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Geir "Milkman" Bertheussen
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