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Mark "Hammock" Holland (Hammock being an Army nickname for his propensity to carry a hammock for sleeping) was born in Charlotte, North Carolina on March 5, 1969. His first public performances came at age ten, when he sang backing vocals and played drums for a local gospel group, the Singing Disciples, in the small North Carolina town of Monroe. Through high school and college, he played with a variety of local bands, including Elephant Sun, Dionysus in Doubt, and Soul Box. Holland studied political science and history in college, and was an army infantry officer in the early 1990s. In the mid-1990s he and his twin brother, Michael, formed a roots-rock band called Jennyanykind. That band played what Steve Klinge, writing in Harp, described as "low-key, rough-and-tumble country-blues swagger." That band's best known record was Revelator (1996) on the major Elektra label.

It was during this time that Holland began to play harmonica, learning to play for a solo record. Always playing in-the-rack due to his guitar playing, he adopted the cross-harp blues style after trying straight. Eventually, he moved out of rock and blues rock into country-blues/folk where he is still today.

"I write a lot of songs and the harp gives me that freedom to solo when I don't solo on guitar. I like playing them off of each other. I love the Chicago players and try to incorporate some things from that style into mine, especially throat vibrato or other techniques that don't require your hands."

Holland has his own label with his twin brother Mike, Euramerican Soul (, and has just released a split album with his brother called Dueling Devils. Last year, they released the 10-song Best Country Blues of Mark "Hammock" Holland. Mark will record his 19th album in July this year.

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Mark Holland
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