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Since now we start a cooperation with the ambitious start-up company >Music Gurus - a provider ohf high-quality tutorial videos for any kind of musical instruments. At the moment there are four different comprehensive video tutorials availabel that were produced by two of our endorsers.

Mat Walklate explains how to play Blues-Harmonica and PT Gazell shows how to play fully chromatically without using overblows on his half-valved diatonic harmonicas.

In the future there will be more offers as the SEYDEL ACADMY will be developed continuously.

>register now for one of the video-workshops and claim your 50% discount


Short instructions - Music Gurus registration

1) type in a Login-Name

2) type your e-mail address

3) choose a password (six character minimum)

4) choose your video lessons 

5) your discount will be applied automatically

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