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Eze Salgado - Top-Class Chromatic Diatonic from Argentina
Today Eze Salgado is regardedas one of the most emerging musicians and harmonica virtuosos of Argentina and he now slowly gets into the international market. He is also one of the most important producers in the southern region of Argentina. He also plays guitar (Rock, Jazz and Blues), plays in Trastablao Itinerant Flamenco (first show in the country of flamenco with harmonica) and gigs a lot with his Quartet Jazz & Blues. He currently produces a DVD which was recorded live - the official release of our album in 2015.

Born in October 12, 1990 in General Roca, Rio Black, Patagonia Argentina, this young talent has created a rumor in the national harmonica scene. Self-taught since 2006 and one month after having played a harmonica for the first time in his life he was invited to join local bands

Then he began to study jazz music, with different teachers and started his college career at the local conservatory. With less than 10 years playing his instrument, Eze Salgado could cross borders. He was one of the first musicians in the south of America who started teaching on-line, having had students all over the country also from other countries like Italy and France - he is one of the only musicians currently living art, blues and jazz in Southern World.


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Eze Salgado
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