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Homeless Mad Max 

plays blues harmonica and is on tour with the band The Satellites.
The Satellites play Rock´n´Roll and blues of the 1950s. They present the music they have come to know and love on their travels through the vast expanses of the galaxies. With their "Rock & Roll from Outer Space" they bring this extraterrestrial atmosphere on stage during their energetic live shows and heat up the temperature in the hall to several hundred Kelvin!
The band currently has two studio albums released by the Spanish label El Toro Records. There are also a limited number of hand-numbered singles on vinyl. So be careful and keep your eyes open: Maybe you'll soon have the chance to meet The Satellites on one of their visits to Earth and become part of their show.
And remember above all: Don't forget your dancing shoes!
The sound sample is taken from the album "Crash Landing" by The Satellites. The album was recorded and produced at Homeless Studios. Homeless Mad Max currently enjoys playing the Seydel Solist Pro and Session Low. The amp is a Fender Tweed amp.
Homeless Mad Max about SEYDEL Harmonicas: "My collection of Seydel Harmonicas is getting bigger and bigger. I like the sound of the harmonicas and above all the pleasant playing feeling is what makes the Seydel harps so special."



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Homeless Mad Max Tischler
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