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Jake Friel

He primarily plays blues music. The style, the original players and the sound speaks to him most. My band, The Brighter Side Band stays within the blues genre. Personally, He sat in with all kinds of bands from rock to county, christian and folk but his heart and soul belongs to the blues.

Jake has this to say about SEYDEL:
"Seydel harps are easily THE best harmonicas I have ever played. They are versatile, yet durable. They have out lasted all of my old harps. They need little if any individual tweaking out of the box. The 1847's and the SESSIONs both compliment my harder blues playing style, but can also be played in a more jazzy acoustic setting; they last.
I would like to thank Bob Moughler (another SEYDEL endorsee) for turning me on to the harps about a few years ago. To me they are the top of the line; you cannot get any better sound. I don't think you'll find a better group of people than you will at Seydel harmonicas; being players themselves they are truly dedicated to the player, providing personal attention.. . I am honored to be a part of this amazing company"

We, SEYDEL are happy to have a young and dynamic player and singer like Jake on board and we hope to hear a lot of goo things from this young but already grown-up musician in the future.

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Jake Friel
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