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Jorge Costales

Jorge Costales’s harp playing grew into a major reference in Buenos Aires’s blues circuit as his sound keeps displaying most particularities.

He began playing the harmonica at the age of 16 and has leaned towards the classic Rock and Roll style. Over time, its distinctive sound emerged from the mix of strong influences on classical blues and west coast styles such as William Clarke, Hollywood Fats, Rod Piazza and George "Harmonica" Smith.

Jorge's career as a soloist began in 2009 when he decided to consolidate "The Evil Blues Band", composed by: Anahí Fabiani on piano and hammond, Juancho Hernández and Federico Verteramo on guitars, Germán Pedraza on drums and Christian Morana on bass. This gang tours with him both in Argentina and abroad since then. Along with the "Evil", Jorge has travelled to different stages in South America and Europe, as well as important festivals such as the Mississippi Delta Blues Festival (Brazil), Buenos Aires Blues Festival (16) and Federación '15 '(Argentina), Vienna Blues Spring '16 and '17 '(Austria) amongst others.

In Buenos Aires, he has played in shows with American blues legends such as Lurrie Bell (who was also a guest at the album release show "Shock Instrumental" 2016), Tail Dragger, Jimmy Burns and "Smilin" Bobby. Billy Branch, on the other hand, invited him to participate in his show at "Buddy Guy Legends" in Chicago.

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Jorge Costales
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