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At that time 13 year old LD Miller’s harmonica skills have amazed some of the best in the business and on his own he's been invited to sit in with some of music’s biggest names. It is impossible to have a discussion about the future of the harmonica without mentioning LD.

Self-taught, he began playing at the age of 6 and was on stage with Buddy Guy at 7. LD has been on the road with his family’s band since the age of 8. “Blood and music bonds us together.” The Millers are a family that travels the world performing together and had shared the stage with Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, John Popper of Blues Traveller, Keb Mo, Kanye West, India Arie, Ziggy Marley, Joss Stone, Joan Jett, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Buddy Guy, B.B. King, James Cotton, Walter Trout, and Ricky Skaggs all before LD’s 13th birthday.

But while audiences are amazed by the novelty of a band that consists of Dad Larry on bass, brothers Clayton, 24, on guitar and vocals, Cole, 21, on drums and vocals and L.D., just 13, wailing on the harmonica, they come away captivated by musical chops that any blues musician of any age would be proud of. These guys would be astonishing even if the weren’t all from the same gene pool. LD and brother Cole have been thrust more recently into a bigger spotlight on the NBC #1 summer ‘06 hit America’s Got Talent. Out of thousands of artists from around the country, The Millers won the hearts of America and 2nd place with millions of votes. This resulted in write ups in TV Guide, People Magazine, coverage on the Tonight Show and appearances on The Today Show, The Ellen Show and well over 200 other newspapers, on-line columns and entertainment TV news programs. Over 40 Million people saw and became fans of the Millers in the past year. And LD has been written about in publications with an estimated total readership exceeding another 10 Million.

In the years prior to this, LD (sometimes solo, sometimes with the band) also appeared on NBC’s America’s Most Talented Kid, The Today Show, Extra, Access Hollywood, Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon and Steve Harvey’s Big Time. They have performed for as many as 40,000 fans in a single show and are an audience pleaser everywhere they play. This is a band that was “born” not made, and while they have been together all their lives, they moved beyond the singing around the campfire stage in 1999, when Clayton left his alternative band he had been fronting since the age of 15 and formed the family band when little LD came home from 1st grade playing the harmonica like a pro.

In less than a year, they were playing throughout the Midwest and 2 years later, they became the # 1 band touring colleges nationwide, when LD was only 9. Now they split their time between community Arts programs & theatres, colleges, festivals, and Vegas. They were selected for the Blues Deluxe Radio program. This is a program that is aired on 100 radio stations around the world and they are wedged in the play list comfortably between B.B. King and Bob Dylan. They are the only band on the play list that doesn’t yet have a record label listed after it, but this won’t be the case for long. While his playing is no secret to the harmonica community, his burgeoning vocal prowess has been the buzz of the harmonica community of late. He can sing almost as well as he can play the harp.

LD also plays guitar and drums, and is starting to write music, but with his gift, nothing will supplant his harmonica skills as his ticket to being a musical legend.


LD Miller today (2017):





“You got it, man, you just got it. No one can teach you that and you just can’t do anything else but share that gift.” John Popper, Blues Traveler

“I don’t care where I’m playing, you just let me know you are nearby and you can sit in with me any time.” Buddy Guy, blues legend

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We LOVED the Millers, especially little LD!!! I think this may be the best act we have ever presented! Their talent is amazing…they are incredibly relational and drew a great crowd!” –Tamara Kuhnau, Waldorf College

“There should be a law against this much talent in one family.” Jessica Halverson, Indianapolis Journal

“As John Lee Hooker would say ‘the pots are on, and the gas is high’. These guys would be astonishing even is they weren’t all from the same gene pool. Family bands have always drawn a crowd, but let me tell you This Ain’t The Osmonds, Baby.” Don Seybold, Purdue University

LD Miller
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