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Roger C. Wade - àka Little Roger

In the last twenty-five years, Roger C. Wade (harp/vocals) has become a stalwart on the European stage of traditional blues harmonica players. Both powerful and deeply rooted in the blues, his musical approach is not only appreciated by those familiar with the genre but also those that are not. Spontaneity, humour and a large helping of stage presence have enthused audiences for more than 20 years throughout Europe.

Born in 1968 in Norwich, England, Roger discovered his love for traditional blues in the mid 1980s. After busking on the streets of England, Roger moved to Germany, where he played in his first blues band in the early 90s, first as a sideman then as both singer and harp player. Shortly after, Roger founded the band Excuse My Blues, together with his wife Marion on the piano. From then on, the stage was set - Blues, Boogie and RnB. Roger spent several months in the USA in 1994 and played with many renowned artists from New York to San Francisco. Roger returned to Germany and founded the band Little Roger & The Houserockers, with Marion on the piano and Tilmann Michalke on the guitar.

Numerous guests have played with the band over the years, including Alex Schulz, Chris Rannenberg, Marc T and many more. The band also toured with RJ Mischo in 1994.

The Houserockers have recorded four CDs and an EP, the latest being "Jumping at Jack's Joint" with Sax Gordon providing the horn lines. Marc Tee provided vocals on one track, whilst producing two of the CDs. In addition to the Houserockers, Roger is currently the singer and harp player in the band Jan Mohr and the Backscratchers (Jan Mohr, Niels von der Leyen, Dirk Vollbrecht and Andreas Bock) as well as the duo "Roger Mohr" with Jan Mohr on guitar.

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Roger C. Wade
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