Matías Rossel

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Matías Rossel

Matías Rossel is a harmonica player from Santiago, Chile. He has been studying and developing the harmonica for more than 10 years (since 2008). He has a versatile technique, from the classic Chicago Blues sound to the most modern harmonica with the development of the chromaticism in a diatonic harmonica. He also plays the chromatic harmonica.
Since 2017 he has been teaching harmonica in personalized lessons and harmonica workshops. In the year 2018, he won the 1 st place on the third version of the Seydel Open contest in Chile. In 2019, he became the teacher of the “Club de Armónica Metropolitano” (Metropolitan Harp Club), the only harmonica club in Santiago.
Matías is also a harmonica teacher at the “Escuela de Blues de Santiago” (Santiago’s Blues School), the only Blues school community in Chile, where he teaches group harmonica lessons (basic and intermediate levels along with basic chromatic harmonica). He is currently a student as Jazz Interpreter at the Escuela Superior de Jazz (Jazz Superior School).

Rossel is an active musician in the Chilean Blues scene: he has been playing for the past 4 years in an instrumental Blues quartet called “Buen Puerto”, where he developed extensive experience in Blues Jams all around the city. Matías has also participated as a sessionist musician in various Blues, Rock and Rockabilly bands such as Big Four (Tribute to the masters of the blues), La Puzzydoll, Don Carpo (tribute to Pappo), to name a few.

When asked about Seydel harmonicas, he said: “I love my Seydel 1847 Noble, I carry it all the time in my pocket, I love the versatility of the instrument because you can play classic Blues with a big tongue block sound, you can do hromaticism and also play all kinds of music like a horn player. That is my dream on the harmonica, to be able to play anything and have fun. In addition to this, I think the harmonica is a very beautiful instrument: the weight, the durability, the reeds, even the cover texture is amazing. I just love it!”


Matías Rossel
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