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Peter Volksdorf - Blues in German language

Musical biography

Grandfather and grandmother farmhand and maidservant, his father a singing, harmonica- and accordionplaying truckdriver, the young boy escaped by the skin of one´s teeth from the slavery beetfields of southern germany, fulfills the longing wish of his father and is about to learn how to handle the accordion at the age of six. Thanks to his fate, the young man plays with his dance band at all the marriages, carnival- and firefighter´s balls of his home area in great profusion. His nervous blood forced him to follow the call of the wilderness and so one fine day he went to the United States of America. After months as a hobo, farmhand, paperboy and truckdriver, he comes back home as an accomplished 5-string-banjo-player, begins to study and plays the pedestrian zones of beautiful german cities just to upholster his small purse and leave Germany again – this time for South East Asia (bringing back some curious rash this time).


Later on these years, he dangles through all those dope-contaminated folkfestivals as an acoustic guitarist with his jazz-trio, finally settling down in Marburg, following his profession and founding a family. His awakening event comes at the age of 35. Listening to a suabian polkaband with a lead-accordion and a lead-harmonicaplayer  while visiting his homeland, takes him right off his feet and lets him found Malcanto. Since 1996 the band plays strange Chansons de la gosse and garage swing with accordion, electric guitar and all that stuff in clubs and backyards.(  Around 2004, a harmonica occurred from his father´s legacy. Seems that the son will follow the father.

Harmonicas and Seydel

After several workshops ( Jimi Lee, Bartek Lezcycki) in Klingenthal, winning the third (2010), the second (2012) an the first place (2013) at the Seydel open, a fatefull encounter at the 3-days-Marburg-Festival leads to the foundation of the Blueskapelle-Marburg (

Four guys with roughly 180 years of musical practice play “mother tongue-blues-music” and prove at the biggest hessian Bluesfestival “Blues-Schmus-Apfelmus” and at the pub-festival in Klingenthal, that the german audience feels happy, listening to lyrics, they can easily understand.

Playing the first Seydel harmonica (1847 classic in C) leads to leaving all the other harmonicas on a storage track, from where they never turned back.

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Peter Volksdorf
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