SEYDEL open - Jam Tracks 2019

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1. Medium-Slow Chicago 12 bar blues E
2. Medium Fast Texas Style 12 bar blues E
3. Funky Downtown one chord A
4. Modern Urban Funky G
5. Blues-Rock Medium Fast 12 bar A
6. Jazz-Blues 12 bar F
7. JL Hooker Boogie E
8. B Minor Blues 12 bar Bm
9. Very Slow Minor Blues 12 bar Dm
10. 8 Bar Blues G


SEYDEL open Blues Harmonica Contest: the polish Blues combo >JJ Band (Harmonica: >Bartek Leczycki - Poland's best harmonica  player) are this year's SEYDEL open-Band - 10 new and free Blues Jam Tracks for your rehearsals!

Registered contestants will get a download link for the full versions in high quality mp3-format.  

>register here

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