November 2020

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The so-called Blues Harmonica, mouth organ or "10-hole Richter-tuned harmonica" put into professional terms is the most versatile type of harmonica ever.

The Blues Harmonica is not restricted to one particular musical genre ...sometimes it is even used for imitating an old steam locomotive:


Just great: Peter Madcat Ruth's "Steam Engine Train"

Grammy Award Winner and SEYDEL endorser Peter Madcat Ruth plays our 1847 LIGHNING and 1847 NOBLE Blues harmonicas. Both models are real flagships with metal combs and stainless steel reeds.

Madcat is an American harmonica player who - though rooted in the Blues tradition of players such as Sonny Terry is always is looking for opportunities to embed the sound of the Blues harmonica into as many different musical genres as possible.

Here is Madcat's story about the "Steam Engine Train" recordings:

"I used five harmonicas to record this track, all played in second position: C, LC for the train, Ab for the train horn, Bb for crossing the trestle bridge over the Mississippi River, F for the express train going the other way.

When I was very young I lived close to the Chicago and North Western Railway. Every day I would see and hear many steam engine trains. But by the time I was 11 years old, all the steam engines had been replaced by diesel powered locomotives. The photo I posted on Soundcloud was exactly the type of engine I would see every day."

Perhaps it is time to try YOUR OWN VERSION of a steam engine train?!? You may take Madcat's approach as the best inspiration you can get...

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Real master instruments: the SEYDEL 1847 LIGHTNING Blues Harmonicas

Many professional harmonica players are absolutely convinced of the qualities of the 1847 LIGHTNING.

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Listen to the lowest harmonicas of the world! The 1847 Low models ranging from LF# down to LLE

SEYDEL's next-generation low-harmonicas: with baritone design and Stainless Steel reeds. The 1847 CLASSIC Low has been redesigned and includes now a 20% thicker comb for a more voluminous sound and raised coverplates for better sound projection.

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