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Brandon Santini

There are many different opinions as to what the future of blues harmonica will be. Memphis vocalist and harmonica player Brandon Santini is undeniably a worthy player to keep an eye on as the next decade unfolds.

His name is worthy of conversations that involve Jason Ricci, Billy Gibson, Dennis Gruenling, Rick Estrin and other frontline harmonica players that have become part of a new wave in the blues world. With tasteful speed and licks, he combines his respect to traditional blues with a present, colorful style of playing that is often compared to Paul Butterfield, James Cotton, or Sonny Boy Williamson II.

Raised in North Carolina, Brandon relocated to Memphis in 2003 where he began to absorb the sounds and culture of the Delta and north Mississippi hill country, honing his craft night after night, sweating it out in local Beale Street clubs just like Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, & B.B. King.

For seven years, Brandon fronted the Blues Music Award nominated band Delta Highway and has toured relentlessly throughout North America and has visited seven foreign countries (including a 2009 Bluzapalooza tour to Cairo, Egypt) bringing his distinct voice and playing style to music lovers everywhere throughout the world!

Brandon’s debut solo release, “Songs of Love, Money, and Misery” is filled with tasty harmonica, trademark Brandon Santini blues vocals, and collaboration with some of the finest young guns in Memphis. To say “Songs of Love, Money, and Misery” will announce Santini's talents to the blues world would dismiss his earlier works, which would be a mistake, but this album brings us a different side of the bluesman and it should attract the wider attention he so richly deserves.


"a first rate professional, delivering the goods with an eclectic blend of styles."
-Robert "Nighthawk" Tooms / American Blues News

"a uniquely fresh touch to blues injecting it with excitement and masterful technique."
-Dorothy L. Hill

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Brandon Santini
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