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Emilio Arsuaga

He started playing harmonica at the age of 18, and after playing with the rockabilly band The Blue Stockins, he officially joined his first band, the so called Rustic Acustic Blues Band. They recorded an unofficial double CD as a celebration of the Life of Asis Querejazu, their lider, that passed away on july 1999. In 1999 he created Little Blue and the Bluitres, along with his brother Carlos Arsuaga (also drummer of the Rustic Acustic Blues Band).

After that experience, he joined Fultons Point and in 2005 he created his actual band KING BEE along with his brother and Alvaro Bouso, former singer of Fultons point. KING BEE has played some of the most important festivals of Spain and Portugal: Bluescazorla, Bejar Blues Festival, Cáceres Blues, Almeriblues, Zizurkil. Emilio has been travelling to Austin and New Orleans since 2008, where he has developed friendship and played with some of the most promising artists of the blues scene, such as Greg Izor, and some members of the Fabulous Thunderbirds such as the Moeller Brothers and Mike Keller. He’s also sat in with enshrined stars such as Johnny Sansone and Derek O’Brien.

He had the chance of playing at the most famous venues of Austin: Continental Club and Antone’s. In 2011 Emilio brings to Spain and Portugal the singer, writer and fantastic harmonica player Greg Izor, joining King Bee in some of the most important festivals. In the fall of 2011, Emilio tours with his brother Carlos and the great members of Blue Four, Chris James and Patrick Rhynn, the sound of the legendary Chicago Blues.

In summer 2012, Greg Izor put Emilio in touch with the master of New Orleans harmonica Johnny Sansone and the three harmonica players performance the tour Southern Harmonica Blast Show… the first time that the fabulous Jumplin’ Johnny Sansone visits Spain. King Bee have recently released their first album: "Po’ Boys", a tribute to the taste of Louisiana, that mixes in the same recipe Texas, Chicago and Lousiana Blues. The roots that has inspired Emilio Arsuaga and the members of King Bee. Emilio used his 1847 Classic and 1847 Silver harmonicas to record this album.

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Emilio Arsuaga
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