Saeid Ghiasi

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Saeid Ghiasi

I was born in Tehran, Iran in 1987. I started playing harmonica when I was sixteen. In fact, I started learning to play harmonica for two years. Alongside, I started playing piano in order to enhance my perception of music and implement my knowledge in harmonica performances.

After two years, I continued this way as self-taught. According to my experience and taste, I decided to play chromatic harmonica and I put my concentration on that.

After several years, due to my serious passion in Rock music, I have done extensive research to implement this genre with chromatic harmonica. Although no serious effort has been made in this field in the world before, I have focused on being one of the pioneers of performing flawless Rock pieces with chromatic harmonica which, unlike a diatonic harmonica, does not have a close accent to Rock.

My goal is to present what I have learned during my career in the best way.


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Saeid Ghiasi
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