Thierry Crommen

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Thierry Chrommen

This Belgian, French-speaking harmonica player was born in 1958. As a self-taught musician, he was very early involved in listening to great harp players like, of course, the Belgian Master Toots Thielemans.


But he was also loving the sound of Blues Harp that much. So, unlike most harpists who favor one or the other, Thierry became equally proficient on both chromatic and diatonic harmonicas. He was soon acclaimed as belonging to the elite of a new generation of harmonica artists.

He's now for years busy with studio sessions, workshops and concerts and he's especially fond of playing his own music within the TC Quartet he formed with Erno/ keyboards, Chris DePauw/guitar, and Achim Tang/double bass.

As band leader, Thierry released two CD’s : « La Nouvelle Donne » (2004) and « Versions Originales » (2007 - feat. Bill Barrett as special guest). Those revealed a finely-crafted, sensitive music - own compositions with latin, folk and jazz influences.

This is what he says about playing the SAXONY Chromatic and 1847 CLASSICs:

"Question: Will I have both security in mind and fun to play them? The answer, for sure, is : YES !, I had both, and for both situations, live and studio..."

A real compliment for us....Merci beaucoup, Thierry!

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Thierry Crommen
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