All SEYDEL harmonicas and more...

From Klingenthal to the Mississippi - the diatonic harmonicas from the Blues Series

Diatonic 10-hole harmonicas - for Blues, Rock, Pop and Folk. With brass or stainless steel reeds and combs made of wood, plastic or aluminium.

Chromatic harmonicas with slider for chromatic playing

Available in manifold tunings - with brass or stainless steel reeds for playing melodies chromatically in all musical styles.

Tremolo harmonicas with the typical beating sound

With reeds made of brass or stainless steel and the wonderful, accoredion-like sound for playing Folkmusic, Shanty or Irish Folk.

Octave harmonicas for producing the extra-full sound

Richter- or Solo-tuned harmonicas - two reeds tuned to octaves produce a very full sound for Folk- or Cajun music.

Useful accessories for harmonica players and more...

Spare parts for all models from the smallest screw to the complete reedplate. Tutorial material, audio CDs from our endorsers, practical cases and the SEYDEL Hyperamp harmonica amplifier, and even more.

Triola children's blow-harmonica with 12 colored keys

Approved introduction for children to music - just follow the colors - simple and easy.
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