HARPE DIEM! Endorser Tips

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Harpe Diem!

Since 1847 we at SEYDEL have gone through many ups and downs and therefore we know: There is a chance to discover something new every day, like playing music yourself.

Music provides orientation and helps people to get through rough times easier. The harmonica is light, small and handy and even beginners achieve fast and enjoyable progress. Watch and try by yourself - your comments appreciated!

Tip 40) How to play a 'Jelly Roll' by >Paul Gillings:




Tip 39) Some TRAINing on a G-harmonica with >Adrián Jiménez:




Tip 38) A nice 1st position exercise over two octaves with >Tony Eyers:




Tip 37) The Richter tuning note layout and why you can play the Blues on it with >Peter Madcat Ruth:




Tip 36) Four note improvisation exercise part 2 with >Matthias Broede (find part 1 in video #23):




Tip 35) Fast rhythmic bending lick with >Jefferson Gonçalves:




Tip 34) I-IV progressions in three keys on one harmonica by >Barefoot Iano:




Tip 33) Learn to play Bending notes for playing the original melody by >Tony Eyers:




Tip 32) Playing oriental scales easily on a diatonic by >Hamid Reza Behzadian:




Tip 31) Less is more - how to accompany a singer by >Sugar Ray Norcia:




Tipp 30) Wie erreicht man eine entspannte Lippenhaltung beim Spielen von Einzeltönen mit >Boris Plotnikov:




Tipp 29) Essentielle Tipps zum Spielen von Overblows mit >Alexey Kormin:




Tip 28) How to play the Blues scale in E on a chromatic by >Iked Etpison:




Tip 27) How to play chromatically on Low tuned Blues harmonicas with >Konstantin Kolesnichenko:




Tip 26) A cool warm-up exercise by >Christopher Nacy:




Tip 25) Available tones for your Blues impro: the Blues Scale exercise by >Jimi Lee:




Tip 24) Tongue block/splitting exercise by >Ronald Ottesen:




Tip 23) Easy improvisation in Major and Minor (part 1/2) with >Matthias Broede:




Tip 22) Playing single and double notes with >Dov Hammer:




Tip 21) Playing the Blues in three different positions with >Charlie Musselwhite:




Tip 20) Important basic techniques with >Mat Walklate:




Tip 19) Playing percussions on the harmonica by >Dario Tevez:




Tip 18) Stealing licks from other instruments by >Sam Spranger:




Tip 17) Simple train rhythm for the absolute beginners by >Stefano Lucignolo:




Tip 16) The trigger finger trick with >Körrie Kantner:




Tip 15) Learning to play throat vibrato with >Will Wilde:




Tip 14) Better bending control with>Łukasz Wiśniewski:




Tip 13) Simple train rhythm and cool Shaggy Horton Lick by >Claus Diercks:




Tip 12) Learn to play melodies fluently with >Tony Eyers:




Tip 11) How to create a (beatbox) song with harmonica only >Son Of Dave:




Tip 10) Never get out of breath again with >Aki Kumar:




Tip 9) Coverplates with and without side vents explained by >Roger Wade:




Tip 8) Intonating bending notes with >Marcio Abdo:




Tip 7) Play Shuffle the right way with >Mark Hummel:




Tip 6) How to better bend the notes in holes 8, 9 and 10 with >PT Gazell:




Tip 5) Rehearsing quietly with >Xime Monzon:




Tip 4) Learning to count with >Barefoot iano :





Tip 3) Rhythm Lick with >Jefferson Gonçalves:




Tip 2: Playing in the upper register with >Peter Madcat Ruth:





Tip 1: Beat Box Harmonica essentials with >Phillip Henry:


>email: Phillip Henry

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