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How to order harmonicas in the online-shop?

The Seydel online shop system uses a modern operator interface that helps you to go through the ordering process step by step. The following description shows you how you can place an order even if you never have ordered things in the internet before.

We use a secure internet connection for the submission of your data.

The most reasonable way before you place orders is to > register yourself as a Seydel customer. The advantage is, that you need not to fill the address form every time again if you want to place subsequent orders.

You also can use the "shopping list" feature of the shop where you can save your "shopping basket" in order to proceed your order later. Note: registration is not necessary to place an order!

If you want to make an order with the aid of this manual please open a new browser window >here. You can use the key-combination [CTRL+Tab] to switch between the two windows then.


  • Step 1 (optional): After you put in your user data please sign in to our system: Sign-in (1). If you are not registered yet you are asked to give your data later in the order procedure.
  • Step 2: Forage for your wishes in our shop (2) or search a product/keyword directly (2a) or click a category!

  • Step 3: Place a product directly into the basket (please mark the tonal key and the quantity!)(3) - or read through the product details first (4) or leave through all of the products of this category (4a).

  • Step 4: Continue your shopping (Step 3) or continue the ordering procedure (Step 5). You always have an overview of all the product in the basket (4b, red arrow). Here you also can add "Extras and Accesory" to your product - only spareparts suitable for the model displayed are offered (4c) or you store the product in the "Shoppinglist".

  • Step 5:
    If you click the Shoppingbasket or the Shopping-basket button (5a) you can have a look into your shopping basket. Please check the items there or redeem a coupon (5b) or place a comment to your order. Afterwards click the "Display basket" button (5c).

  • Step 6: Define the shipping country (6a) and payment methos - you can choose from Prepaid, Credit Card (Master, Visa, Amex), PayPal and Sofortüberweisung (6b).

If you are not logged-in already (step 1) you now are prompted to fill your name and contact-details - your basket will be kept unchanged.

  • Step 7: Afterwards you have to confirm our "Terms and conditions" (7a) and verify your order with the "->Finalize order"-Button (7b). You will receive a confirmation e-mail for your order.

  • Prepaid:

Please transfer the money to the following bank account. Please indicate the order number given in the confirmation email:

Holder: C. A. Seydel Söhne GmbH

Account no. 3242000209

Sparkasse Vogtland

Komturhof 2
D-08523 Plauen

Bank number: 870 580 00

IBAN: DE46870580003242000209

Credit cards:

You will be forwarded to the payment page and can fill the form with your credit card data. After payment you automatically return to the Seydel shop. We can accept Master, Laser, Visa and Amex cards.


PayPal payment :

PayPal is a practical way for tranferring money online. After you have finalized the order please you are fowrded to the > PayPal page and pay for your order.

Please use our PayPal e-mail address for transferring the money: [email protected] manually. You have to be a registered PayPal user before you can use this service.


By using Sofortüberweisung you can directly make a payment using your standard online-banking account. Please follow the descrition on the pages.


Step 8: Here you cn print out your order confirmation (8a). Please choose what you like to do afterwards (8b). In your account (8c) you can easily check and follow up the status of your order. There you also can change your address data or subscribe or unsubscribe from our official SEYDEL newsletter. You also could manage your shoppinglists in your account. Please make sure to keep your log-in data safe!

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