THANK YOU! NHL festival

We like to say THANK YOU for a wonderful festival with this video!

...a nice picture collection is available >here .





International Harmonica Festival of the NHL in Bristol / UK (Oct. 23rd - 25th, 2015)

We are happy that we met you at this year's festival of the British 'National Harmonica League'. We ran a booth and workshops at the 'Folk-House' in Bristol.

The festival was made by harmonica enthusiasts for harmonica enthisiasts and so top-class concerts were offered:

Amongst others there was SEYDEL endorser Mat Walklate (diatonic, UK), Pete "Matcat" Ruth (diatonic & ukulele, USA), Hermine Deurloo (chromatic, NL), Roy Hugman (tremolo, UK), Hisako Yamaguchi (tremolo, Japan) and John & Yuki Vaughan (blues harmonica, UK) many interesting workshops - something for everyone - smiling faces everywhere!

>find more at the NHL festival page

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