Buckeye 2008 Pickings

SEYDEL returned to Ohio's Buckeye Harmonica Festival in 2008 to build upon its fast-growing reputation in the United States. It was SEYDEL's third year at the festival and the company's fast-rising reputation among players was obvious: one didn't have to look far at the festival to see heads topped with SEYDEL caps, which, by the way, are embroidered in the Buckeye State.

“We did very well at Buckeye this year,” said Rupert Oysler of SEYDEL USA. “Every year, we are better known in the United States. People are realizing that Seydel is here to stay and is only getting better.”

There was considerable and increased interest in the complete SEYDEL line of products, especially the 1847, a unique harp at the forefront of modern diatonic harmonica advancement. Last year's Buckeye festival was the U.S. premiere of the 1847 and customers saw the 1847 for what it was, a revolution in harmonica design, including its stainless-steel reeds and thick, open coverplates. This year, SEYDEL returned to the festival with numerous additional keys in the 1847 line and a new little stainless-steel-reed harp that packs a big punch, the BIG SIX.

SEYDELwas also represented well on stage, with SEYDEL endorser Jimi Lee's rock-solid blues as well as Rupert himself, who demonstrated the vibrance of the SEYDEL superlows (s. video below, played on a 1847 in LC).

(David Payne)

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