SEYDEL open 2019-Blues Contest

Dear Harmonica-player, welcome to the SEYDEL open!

The Blues harmonica contest - SEYDEL open - takes place every year since 2007 and is part of the  >Mundharmonika-live festivals held in Klingenthal / Germany.

The SEYDEL open is a competition with the audience doing the voting. However like in the last contests an "expert panel"is giving their voting, too. 


The playalong tracks

Every year we record playbacks that are given to the participants after registering. These are played by exactly the same band that is present at the contest's day. All participants therefore can prepare themselves for their performances.


1. Medium-Slow Chicago 12 bar blues E
2. Medium Fast Texas Style 12 bar blues E
3. Funky Downtown one chord A
4. Modern Urban Funky G
5. Blues-Rock Medium Fast 12 bar A
6. Jazz-Blues 12 bar F
7. JL Hooker Boogie E
8. B Minor Blues 12 bar Bm
9. Very Slow Minor Blues 12 bar Dm
10. 8 Bar Blues G



The polish Blues combo >JJ Band (Harmonica: >Bartek Leczycki - Poland's best harmonica  player) are this year's SEYDEL open-Band here are the  ten new and free Blues jam tracks for your rehearsals!

Registered contestants will get a download link for the full versions in high quality mp3-format. Pleas click on a title in the jukebox!

>register here

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