SPAH-convention 2014 - Pickings

The invasion of SPAH 51 has ended. The thousands of harmonicas that that filled the Renaissance Hotel have been packed away. The halls of the hotel no longer resonate with the melodies created by vibrating reeds. The shows are over, the classes have ended, the vendors have closed shop, and every visible sign of the convention is gone. Fear not! The most important part of SPAH has not gone anywhere—the friendships and relationships that form from the sharing of music. Enthusiasts arrived from all over the world, each speaking and understanding the common language of music. For SEYDEL, that is what the convention is all about. It is the chance to meet new friends, see longtime friends, and build relationships that will last a lifetime. Thank you to each and every one of you who stopped at the SEYDEL booth, attended our workshops, and watched our performances. Each and every one of you does more than just support SEYDEL as customers—you are part of the family committed to the harmonica and the rich history and tradition of the handmade instruments from the oldest harmonica factory in the world. Though the SPAH 51 invasion has ended, you remain in our hearts forever!

 We look forward to sharing these special, musical moments again next year!

Sincerest Thanks!


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SEYDEL at the SPAH-convention in St. Louis / Missouri / USA

We are very happy to show our products at this year's SPAH meeting of the American harmonica-players (Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica) - we'll run a booth from Aug. 5th to 9th, 2014.

RAFFLE: everyone who buys one >ORCHESTRA S in our webshop will automatically take part in a drawing for winning one SESSION STEEL harmonica in the desired key during the SPAH convention (valid from August 5-9th, 2014).

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