Next generation Low Harmonicas

SEYDEL's Next-Generation Low-Harmonicas: the lowest-tuned Blues-Harmonicas worldwide - with a new Baritone design & stainless steel-reeds

The 1847 CLASSIC is now available in super-low tunings, redesigned to include a 20% thicker comb and raised coverplates. Available keys range from LF# (low F sharp) down to LLE (double-low E). This innovation expands our 1847 line of Stainless Steel reed harmonicas to include the extreme bass range.

The double-low models (LL) are tuned two octaves lower than standard, making SEYDEL’s 1847 LLE the lowest tuned diatonic harmonica worldwide.

>1847 CLASSIC Low with wooden combs

>1847 NOBLE Low with aluminium-combs

>Video: Harmonica Guru Ben Bouman checks the new 1847 Low in LLF

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