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Andy Vazul Mandli
Modern funky harmonica with crazy effects! Vazul started learning the harmonica at the age of 15 from Gyorgy Ferenczi - one of those great harp players that made this special instrument popular in Hungary - and a year after he was already playing in Hungarian music bands like Blues Radio Budapest, Doors Memorial, Blues Project, etc. He gave concerts in a dozen of European countries as well as in the USA.

After his stay in London, he moved to Italy and on his “holidays” in Reggio Calabria he set up the Vazul Blues Band. He has been living in Rome since 2007 where he started working on his music with great guitarist and friend, Davide Papaleo, forming together the band Parafusions. “With the Parafusions we decided to shatter the confines of the ancient black genre and we easily turn to Balkan rhythms, flamenco melodies, Arabic scales, Django gypsy-style and any kind of ethno roots. Certainly David tints the music with the Mediterranean colors of Italy while I added the melancholic tones of traditional Hungarian music. “

In the band he also plays the flute and santur. Being a passionate lover of world-, authentic-, ethnic and folk music he has been adapting harmonica in various music genres. This approach has become much more intense since he started working at Amiata Records, a Grammy Award winner world-, classical- and jazz music independent record label.

In 2010 he started to experiment with loop station, various pedals and effects that he also adapted in his music. He either makes his harmonica sound like other instruments (such as cello, Hammond organ and a whole string orchestra) or successfully imitates electronic music and futuristic “UFO” sounds too.

“I first played Seydel harmonica on the 10th Seydel Harmonica Festival and immediately fell in love with the sound. Playing funky blues, various folk genres and using several sound effects require a sophisticated clean sound as well as harmonicas that last much longer. Seydel harmonicas with Stainless Steel Reeds perfectly meet these requirements! They are seriously unbeatable!”

Main collaborations: Blues Brothers Band (USA), Sugar Blue (USA), Andy Newmark (USA), Abi Tucker (AUS), Mickey Morphingaz (AUS), Dott Reed (AUS), etc.



Prizes: Winner of SEYDEL open Harmonica Contest 2010 (Germany), 2nd place NHL - National Harmonica League 2010 (UK)

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Endre Vazul Mandli
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