Remove Reeds

Remove Reeds


Depending on playing time and the way in which they are played, reeds have a wear-cycle, which sooner or later will lead to fatigue and fracture.

However, because usually only a one or maybe two reeds become defective at a time, the remaining reeds are normally in good order.

Therefore instead of discarding the entire reedplate you can remove the broken reed.







Tools And Aids

For our workshops a Toolset is available, containing all the tools necessary for replacing a harmonica's faulty reeds.













De-Riveting Tool


To remove a faulty reed Seydel provides a De-Riveting Sponge (5)


It's used to press the rivet out that holds the reed in place.






Remove the Reed

For purists among our customers we added a tuning file (12).

If you plan to re-rivet the new reed it's recommended to remove the rivet head before.

However, if you work with our recommended method of using screws instead of re-riveting the new reed, extra filing is not necessary.



Put the rivet head with the reed foot in the drilling hole of the De-Riveting device. The tip of the pin must exactly fit the rivet head.





Caution !
The pin can press a hole into the plate if you don't work exactly.














The Reed is now free

















one can also pull the rivets out with a pair of wire cutters (1) similar to those used in fine mechanics.

There is also a danger here of slipping and damaging the plate.

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