Rebuild Reedplate

Rebuild Reedplate

Tools and Aids

or our workshops a Toolset is available, containing all the tools necessary for replacing a harmonica's faulty reeds.













For this workshop you need the following tools:

  • A Reamer D1,3 (11)with Holder (10)
  • A Twist Drill 2,0 or larger (2)
  • A screw tap M1,4 (7)






Reaming the drill hole







The existing hole in the reed plate must be reamed out to equal the central diameter of the screw (3), approximately 1.3 mm.








The 1.3mm dia. reamer (11) is inserted by hand, at a precise right angle of 90 degrees.





When reaming a hole,

a tiny ridge builds up around the edge. To remove the burr, with a minimum of pressure carefully shave it off by hand, using a larger diameter twist drill (2 or 3 mm) or a small countersink bit.




Screw Tap

Your work will be more comfortable and more accurate if done with the screw tap M1,4mm (7).

It is also important here to ensure the screw tap is inserted at an exact angle of 90 degrees.

Then turning the tool until the thread will become easy.

Set the Bolt



In order to insert the screw M 1.4 , first it is fitted into the Chuck now, the screw M1. 4 can be set onto the reed plate.

Tighten the Bolt To ensure the screw has been cut correctly, check by looking on the other side of the plate. If the screw is visible on the opposite side of the plate, you can be sure the thread has been cut correctly. Now, remove the screw from the universal tool holder.


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