New: harmonica of the month


In the new year we like to offer you a special harmonica each month. It will be an interesting design and/or tuning variant, that we designed for you - each #harmonica_of_the_month will be offered for one month only.

Background of the idea: Many customers order individually designed custom instruments through our harmonica configurator. Many of those config harmonicas seem interesting to offer them to other players as well.

So the #harmonica_of_the_month is a good opportunity to present intersting specially designed instruments to our customers.

You perhaps have a useful tuning or design variant in your mind? Please send us your ideas and suggestions! Perhaps your desired model will be the #harmonica_of_the_month one day!

The first out of twelve special harmonicas can be pre-ordered now: We need at least ten orders to start the production.




>here you can order your #harmonica_of_the_month_1

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