Boogielicious - Boogie ALIVE


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Boogielicious - Boogie ALIVE


BOOGIE ALIVE - The best things come in fours!

This describes the wonderful live recording of one of their Summer 2013 concerts. Board the Boogielicious Boat to hear Eeco Rijken Rapp (piano, vocals), David Herzel (drums), Dr. Bertram Becher (SEYDEL harmonicas) and Jens Kühn (acoustic bass) boogie like never before!

BOOGIE ALIVE delivers honesty, drive, and terrific virtuosity. These musicians are genuine in every way, speaking from the heart with every note, lifting audiences to new levels in musical experiences. As the title suggests, these four play Boogie Woogie with vibrance - bright, clear, and garnished with burning elements of the blues.

A true master of the piano, Eeco Rijken Rapp and his 88 piano keys become one as he effortlessly shares his gift with the audience, topped off with a velvet-smooth voice, projecting the authenticity of Boogie Woogie. Drums captivate the audience under the command of David Herzel, who plays them with smooth, flowing precision, a filigree groove, and mastery of the delicate sounds of the brushes. The harmonica and Dr. Bertram Becher seem as one. Passion, rhythmical sophistication, and true soul, mark his playing as his harmonica sings to the audience, giving the feel of a full brass section. Precision is the word that best describes Jens Kühn as his fingertips glide across bass strings in a balanced, exacting, rock-solid style.

BOOGIE ALIVE takes the Boogie Woogie style to a new level as it draws talent from a pool that is rich in musical tradition. The chemistry of these four players brings the music into complete harmony, allowing the audience to sit back and take in the sounds of the 1920s, 30s, and 40s.

Take your own journey back in time and let the band move you with the sounds of Boogie Woogie, Blues, Swing, and Ragtime. Hear the original compositions that reflect those timeless eras and be inspired from Boogielicious!

Authentic Boogie Woogie and Blues - made in Germany.

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