† Lazy Lester

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Lazy Lester

He is one of the baddest sounding players you will find. His first hits in 1958, “Sugar Coated Love” and “I’m a Lover, Not a Fighter” launched a stellar career that continues on today. Perhaps his greatest attribute is his sense of humility. Humility is where the blues begins, especially with the unassuming harmonica.


Louisiana Swamp Blues Live from Anthones Club, Austin, Texas - 2011


He is passionate about the harmonica, pouring his heart and soul across the reeds every time he plays, reminding us to do the same when he says, “Always play the best and never play too much of anything. Play for the music, not yourself.” He speaks of playing the best in a dual sense, both musically and in terms of equipment. He was astounded when he first played the 1847. To Lazy Lester, playing an 1847 is like “riding with the wind.” The bends are easy, the tone is rich and full, and the quality is exceeds that of harps he has played in the past. It was time for the big question.

“If Seydel would have been available back in 1958, would this have been your choice?” His answer was immediately, “Oh yeah!”

According to Lazy Lester, had the SEYDEL 1847 been available at his favorite five and dime store, Woolworth’s back in the day, they would have been his choice from the start.

R.I.P. - Lazy Lester passed away on Aug. 22nd, 2018

† Lazy Lester
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