BIG SIX - 12x Display - 12xBlues


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Extras + Accessory
Spare parts

Consisting of 12 x BIG SIX harmonicas in the key of C

With the first order we will send you a free BIG SIX!
We provide three adequate posters with each display .

An eye-catcher with great playing features:

  • great sound because of stainless steel reeds as used in our > top-model the 1847!
  • with mounting for the provided lanyard.
  • packed into a tin-can, that serves as package but also as a resonator for many sound effects!
The display holding for 12 Harmonicas is available in three different package variants: 12x BIG SIX Blues, 12x BIG SIX Folk or 8x Blues + 4x Folk - please make your choice!
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