Jason Keene

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Jason Keene - Chromatic Harmonica Jazz & Blues

Jason grew up in Queens, New York, studying String and Electric Bass and Chromatic Harmonica from an early age. He moved to Atlanta, GA and toured throughout the United States during the 1980’s and eventually moved to Los Angeles to further his career.

He has recorded and performed with many notable artists, including Russ Kunkel, Waddy Wachtel, Michael Landau, Jim Cox, Jack Black, Cliff Magness, David Lindley, Dean Parks, and many others. Most nrecently (2011-2016) he’s toured the U.S., Europe and Scandinavia with "The Kyle Gass Band" where he is affectionately known as “Uncle Jazz”. Jason proudly plays SEYDEL Chromatic Harmonicas and the Lekholm DM48 Digital Harmonica.

This is what Jason Keene says about SEYDEL harmonicas:

"....I've played the SYMPHONY 64 and the SAXONY for a few years, but after purchasing the Symphony 48 with the super smooth magnetic slider and getting to know the incredible people at SEYDEL I can comfortably say this is the best Harmonica Company I've ever known. Incredible customer service, and truly sweet sounding harps! ...As a Chromatic Harmonica player it is truly a delight to play their instruments!"

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Jason Keene
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