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John Harp - Blues Harmonica From Brazil

Born in Ribeirão Preto in the interior of São Paulo, João da Gaita began to take an interest in music at the age of 11, playing with his stepfather’s records. At age 14 he was influenced by a great friend to listen to blues ever since his passion for the same only increased.

He began to play in local bars and festivals, at the age of 16, with sideman accompanied by some local bands. Influenced by the great masters of harmonica, owner of a powerful voice self-taught João developed his own phrasing, mixing the traditional with the modern and has been growing in the blues scene.

In 2006 João stopped with the song and stayed until 2012 working in another area, in March 2012 he returned with his new project and since there he has not stopped, there were almost 800 concerts in the last 5 years. In those years toured by some countries of South America and USA taking his music.

He is currently releasing his first album “How Can I Lose What I Never Had”, recorded at Greaseland studios in San Jose California.)

He just finished recording his first album "How Can I Lose What I Never Had" available >here

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John Harp
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