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Livio Careddu

Livio Careddu is a French Italian harmonica player, born in a family of musicians. He was lucky enough to be immersed in the world of music from an early age. His parents offered him his first harmonica when he was 7 years old and from then on he has never parted with this instrument he had always been attracted to.

He grew up listening to his father, also an accomplished harmonica player in the local musical community. His influences are multiple, JJ Milteau, Steve Baker, Andy Just, Jason Ricci and Will Wilde strongly inspired him.

As a self-taught artist, Livio learned to play by ear, out of sight, mainly revisiting blues, rock and French pop through his musical training. As a skilled melodic improviser as well as an inspired composer, he modulates his sound onthe web and on stage in France and abroad, notably in Germany and Luxembourg.

After playing the harmonica for the band "L’Art Scène" from 2012 to 2020, he plays today in anacoustic trio known as "Max’on’Swing".

There are several reasons why he has chosen to play SEYDEL harmonicas:

"The sound is powerful and rich in harmony allowing the harmonicas to respondperfectly to my playing style."

Then, he further states, the responsiveness of the instrument in itself, equipped with stainless steel reeds with a high level quality manufacturing which renders the playing experience pleasant and expressive at the same time and makes it an exceptional instrument.
Finally, by choosing SEYDEL, Livio has made the choice of joining a brand in the service of music and artists!

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Livio Careddu
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