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Mat has been a professional musician since 1993 playing diatonic, chromatic and tremolo harmonica and singing predominantly in the genres of blues, Irish traditional music and jazz.

He has made two solo albums of Irish music and four blues albums and he wrote the NoExcuses Harmonica CD-ROM and appeared in the accompanying DVD. He tours widely in Britain, Ireland and Europe with different bands and regularly plays on sessions for films and adverts. In 2008 he wrote and performed on harmonica the score for "Happy & Married?" by South Bank Show Award winner Madani Younis.

Mat teaches harmonica to all ages privateley and in schools and prisons. In 1992 he won the British Blues Harp Championship and in 1993 he won the All-Britain Fleadh Cheoil on harmonica. Today Mat often shares the stage with guitar ace Paolo Fuschi - their new album "Kickin up the Dust" was reviewed very positively, find more info >here!

> Mat Walklate presents the new SAMPLER in G|D

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Mathew Walklate
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