Richard Gjems

Richard Gjems is a harmonica player specializing in acoustic blues, folk music and jazz. Richard has been a prolific musician on the Norwegian scene since the late 1990s.

He has played on numerous records in different genres and contributed to many movie soundtracks. Richard has shared stage or recorded with artists such as Carlos del Junco, Mark Hummel, Mitch Kashmar, Rusty Zinn, Bill Sims, Taildragger, Big Bill Morganfield, Big Joe Louis, Kid Ramos, Kid Andersen, Gary Smith, Nick Curran, Gary Primich (RIP) and famous Norwegian folk artist Steinar Albrigtsen.

As a harmonica player, Richard is known for his blend of prewar blues tonality and textures with contemporary diatonic techniques as well as for his mastery of the chromatic harmonica.

He now uses all kinds of SEYDEL harmonicas and last time he recorded the awesome version of "John Henry" on a SEYDEL Blues Superlow in LLF.


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Richard Gjems
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