Shaun Kirk

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Shaun Kirk

Born and bred in Melbourne, Australia, blues & soul troubadour Shaun Kirk’s rapid growth as an artist is the result of a determined spirit and pure hard work. A relatively ‘late bloomer’, Shaun began playing as a quiet acoustic singer/songwriter to small audiences in Melbourne’s boutique bars and cafés before quitting his part time job at a music store to hit the road in 2010.

Three years later and Shaun has fashioned his craft into one of the most impressive and entertaining one-man displays Australia has to offer, playing to increasing numbers on some of the paramount festival stages, and working with the likes of Lloyd Spiegel and Mark Holden.

Shaun’s grooves are addictive, and his capacity to connect with his audience also stems from his reflective song writing ability which is heartfelt and seemingly comes from a place beyond his years. His sound drifts between soulful tones and a robust vocal range which has been described as of the finest blues voices this country has ever heard...” – (Buzz Magazine).

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Shaun Kirk
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