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Steve Lucignolo

Steve Lucignolo is an Italian Rockabilly & 50’s Rock’n’Roll player and singer. His style is a natural mix between traditional blues, Rock’n’Roll, R’n’B,
Rockabilly, Country, hilly billy & bluegrass. Steve loves to match all this styles to make unique bouncing licks with a burning powerfull sound.

Currently Steve plays his flaming riffs in two project. The Hound Dog Rockers, his original 50’s Rock’n’Roll & Rockabilly band since 2009. With this band Steve performs in the most of important italian festivals and great Clubs as Alcatraz, Carroponte, Phenomenon, Parco Tittoni, Idroscalo and much

With the Hound Dog Rockers Steve actually recorded three album. Steve plays also like pure harper in the Wudu Men, his Delta Blues Duo. With Wudu Men he use guitar pedals effects and loop station to create a magic Wudu sound each solo.

With this project he recorded actually one album Lucignolo plays also like professional musician in more other bands in Italy. He took a singer degree in NAM and he actually teach harmonica and modern vocal tecnique in music academy all around Italy.

He likes to think and play his harmonica as a visceral bopping singing drum with obsessive licks loop and strong burning bending.

Steve chooses to play Seydel Harmonicas because he like the warm and powerfull bright sound of the stainless steel reeds.
His favourite model is the 1847 Silver, the most power, fast and durable of Seydel’s harmonicas. Flaming your sound!

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Steve Lucignolo
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